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Accessories and shoes for the girl who like to rave 

You just purchased that rave ticket, you’re so excited that you’re going to have such a fun weekend with your friends. So now it’s time to plan your outfit. You want to make sure that your outfit is perfect, and that you are the best dressed person and that rave. We are going to dive into some different type of shoes and accessories that you can pair with your outfit to make it pop even more. Remember these are just suggestions to make your outfit better. All that matters when it comes to raving is that you are having fun and that you feel comfortable.


Your shoe choice is extremely important. After all you do want to be comfortable but also want to look stylish. So do you go the fashion route or the comfortable safe route?

We usually recommend that you go the comfortable safe route. Now I know what you are thing “Comfort? Eww gross.” But wait let us just explain the difference of shoes first!

  • Platform shoe- I’m sure that you are thinking weren’t platform shoes cool in the 70’s? Well yes they were, but they are making a comeback so let’s explore it a bit more.
    Platform shoes are basically like high heels except a shoe. Usually a platform shoe is about 4 to 6 inches giving you that boost above everyone else. They also are good for raves, because of the platform it is less of a risk of you stepping on something and it penetrating your foot. You also have more balance on a platform shoe. You might have noticed that a lot of girls actually wear them at raves. I mean you get height and comfort at the same time. That is what every girl wants. You can also find different designs and different colors to match with your outfit. 
  • Athletic shoe- Athletic shoes are going to be the next best option when putting our rave outfit together. It’s simple what an athletic shoe does. Provides comfort and support. And those are going to be very essential at a rave. We probably all have a few pairs of athletic shoes hanging out in our closet.We recommend looking for a shoe that you can pair with your rave outfit. After all they come in so many different styles and colors that it is almost impossible to not be able to find a shoe that goes with your outfit.

We also recommend that you never wear open toe sandals to a festival as your feet will most likely get stepped on. 


We mentioned earlier that rave accessories are like putting earrings on that designer dress you just bought. You want to add things to your outfit to make it pop even better. Below are some must have accessories for your rave events.

  • Hydration pack- When you’re dancing your night away at a festival the thirst can be real! Trust we have experienced first hand. You do not want to get dehydrated at a rave. It will just ruin the night. Make sure you get a hydration pack to avoid dehydration.
  • Fanny pack– You definitely need this. You do not want to lose your phone or wallet. That will just ruin the evening too. And with the occasional pickpockets at a rave you do not want to be an easy target. With a fanny pack you are able to properly secure your items in one safe place.
  • Earplugs- Although not really considered an accessory, ear plugs are essential to help protect your hearing. Being under the speakers for too long can damage your hearing quickly. Pickup a pair of earplugs before the rave. You’ll definitely be able to hear the music just perfectly. 

We hope that this gave you some ideas. Remember the whole part of raving is to let loose and have fun. Happy raving and stay safe!

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