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Types Of Baseball Uniforms

Players’ uniforms in Major League Baseball (MLB) games are an essential part of the game. They are also a way to show team unity among players and fans.

There are several types of uniforms that teams use, and each one has its unique style. These uniforms are an essential part of MLB and are worn by players and fans during games and batting practice.

Home uniforms

There are a variety of different types of baseball uniforms. From the pinstripes of the New York Yankees to the classic blue and red of the Chicago Cubs, there’s a kit for every team in MLB.

Many North American sports teams wear primarily white at home and dark colors on the road. The practice dates back to the early days of Major League Baseball when teams had difficulty getting their jerseys washed while traveling on long road trips.

A darker uniform was an excellent way to hide dirt and grass stains on a player’s jersey. The color also made distinguishing a team on a black-and-white TV screen easier.

The LSU Tigers, who won their first national championship in 1958, have a tradition of wearing white uniforms at home. However, the tradition was changed when head coach Nick Saban took over in 2000.

Road uniforms

Until recently, baseball uniforms were primarily white at home and gray on the road. This practice was based on the assumption that washing uniforms on long road trips was more challenging than at home.

Moreover, road grays showed less dirt. They also were more likely to be worn during a series of games, which was common in those days when teams played four-game series with travel days in between.

Another feature that survived the nineteenth century was the built-in protective padding on the pants. Today, most uniforms have this feature.

The sanitary undersock also became more visible in the last few decades. It used to be the same color as the sock, but some teams now use a distinct white for this purpose.


Baseball is a sport that requires protective headgear to keep players safe from injury. This includes batting helmets, which must be worn by both batters and base runners, and pitcher’s helmets.

Batting helmets are available in several different styles. Most are made of plastic and feature a metal faceguard for added protection.

The Mizuno B6 batting helmet features an ABS plastic shell and a padded dual-density foam liner that offers impact resistance. It is SEI Certified and NOCSAE-approved for all levels of play.

Easton Z5 2.0 series batting helmets are designed for ultimate safety and comfort. They feature a lightweight ABS plastic shell with a Honeycomb pattern for protection and high-impact padding.

They also have a BioDri fabric liner to keep your head cool and help control moisture and wrapped ear pads that offer durability and comfort. They come in Senior Size 7 1/8 – 7 1/2 and Junior Size 6 – 7 1/8.


Baseball stirrups are a stylish way for players to complete their uniforms while proudly displaying their team colors. They’re an excellent way to help them feel more comfortable on the field and increase their confidence as they try to lead their team to victory!

The stirrups are made of a thin piece of fabric sewn onto the upper part of the sock, typically a white athletic sock. They are worn over another pair of socks, known as “sanitary socks.”

Many stirrups have a small cut on one side that is lower than the other. This helps the player keep their long white sanitary socks underneath their pants, making it easier to move their knees during the game.

The stirrups can be worn high to replicate the old-school look or low to create a more modern fashion statement. Check with your coach or team captain if you decide to alter your stirrups.

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