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Feet is that part of the body that is mainly ignored and treated roughly. Taking care of feet can be a truly relaxing experience. Getting a pedicure from a Nail Salon Woodbridge can be a truly relaxing experience. Though you might feel indulgent putting your feet in the water and sitting back and relaxing, it is a well-deserved time off from the fast-track world. It Is essential to take care of yourself. When you take care of yourself and take time out for yourself, it helps you to feel rejuvenated and makes you feel your very best self. Following are some of the pedicures that you can choose from to treat your feet.

Classic Pedicure

If you are looking to clean up your feet quickly, massage, and have a fresh coat of nail polish on your toes, then you should consider a classic pedicure. It is a simple and comforting pedicure that begins by soaking your feet in warm water. The simple act of soaking your feet can be highly relaxing. After that, the feet are massaged to help stimulate blood flow, which will help you relax even further. In the meanwhile, you can pick out the color that you want to opt for you. Once your feet have been massaged, your nails would be painted. It is the perfect option for those who are okay with regularly changing the color of their nail polish. The classic pedicure helps to keep the toenails strong and healthy.

Shellac Pedicure

Shellac Pedicures are the latest trend in the world of nails. It has been creating quite the buzz for some time, and we are here to tell you exactly why. If you are someone who doesn’t like redoing their nail paint very often, then this type of pedicure you should opt for. In shellac pedicure, few coats of special nail polish are applied to give the nails a glossy and colorful look. This nail paint doesn’t chip or fade quickly. It doesn’t even smudge. Another attractive part about this type of pedicure is that it lasts for as long as a month. However, it is highly recommended that you get the nails redone after 14 days, as this is the average time the nails regrow.

Children’s Pedicure

Who says you can’t enjoy a relaxing mani-pedi day with your child? Children are usually busy jumping and running around, and it is only fair to treat their feet once in a while. Most nail salons have specialized technicians who are friendly and have experience with working with children. The children’s pedicure begins by soaking their feet in warm water, mixed with a fragrant footbath that kids enjoy. Following this, the cuticles are removed, and the nails are filed. After this, the nail polish is applied. Children often love unique designs; nail technicians can make their day even more special by doing their favorite patterns and designs on their nails.

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