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Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Bean Bag Chair

Bean bag chairs have conquered the upholstered furniture landscape, both at home and at work. They are considered vital modern mobile accessories used in interior and outdoor spaces. Large bean bag chairs are available in multiple materials, colors, designs, shapes, and so on. Getting overwhelmed and confused is common while one shops for bean bag chairs, making mistakes.


Interior and exterior bags

The majority of people shop for bean bags based on emotions rather than on knowledge. A potential buyer must be aware of the essentials when buying one. The first important thing is that one must find out what is inside the bean bag. Some brands consist of two bags. The interior bag is separate and consists of polystyrene beads. Hence, the exterior bag can be cleaned and washed without spilling beans on the floor and creating a mess.


What should be the shape?

Picking the shape and the size is often the most discussed aspect while shopping for bean bag chairs. Based on the needs, the shape should be picked. For instance, when one needs to carry and move the bean bag often, pear-shaped bean bag chairs are perfect. Furthermore, the pear-shaped is also ideal for playing video or console games. The armchair-shaped or L-shaped bean bags are popular as well. The two-seater bean bags are an excellent option for offices and living rooms. Today, large bean bag chairs are favorites among children as well. 


The fabric of the bean bag chair

Buyers often ignore the external fabric used in the bean bag. Buyers often judge a product by looking at its design and color. In the majority of the cases, bean bag chairs are made of soft polyester and artificial leather, ideal for both indoors and outdoors. Artificial leather is suggested for buyers with pets, as it is easy to clean and maintain. Most buyers are unaware of the importance of fabric and how it plays a role in the high durability of bean bags. Damp-proof and water-resistant fabric is a popular choice in modern bean bag chairs.


Functionality/purpose of use

Depending on the purpose or functionality, bean bag chairs should be considered. A potential buyer has to understand that bean bags used in the interior might not be ideal for outdoor use on the terrace, yard, swimming pool, patio, and so on. Bean bags specifically meant for outdoor use must be waterproof and dust-proof. One mustn’t forget the comfort level and convenience while buying a bean bag. Buyers often ignore the purpose of purchasing a bean bag chair and invest in an unnecessary product.



The above-mentioned mistakes can be easily avoided if the potential buyer is cautious. The types of beans included are also essential to consider. One should choose a bean bag where the beads don’t wear out quickly. Furthermore, the zippers and stitches used in large bean bag chairs must also be high quality. When the stitches are not adequately strong, the external fabric will be torn, and there will be a mess everywhere.

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