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Plus size winter coats: tips for choosing the best one

One of the most important clothing items in the cold weather is a coat. As more fashion labels become more inclusive and broaden their range to offer clothes for women of all shapes and sizes, gone are the days when you might have had to compromise style just to find a coat that fits.

Looking to stay warm and comfortable, but manifest your style and personality through your outerwear? Here’s a useful guide on how to choose the right plus-size winter coat for yourself.

Search for flattering plus size coats that fits your body shape

Just like shopping for any other garment, searching for the best plus size winter coat starts with understanding your body shape and figure type.

If you have an hourglass figure, belted coats are made for you. They emphasize your most outstanding feature – your waist – and create a silhouette that is guaranteed to make you feel confident in yourself.

Those that have a pear-shaped figure, who run larger through the hips, should aim to draw attention to their waist or shoulder and neck area.

Cropped plus size coats will fit women who are shorter best. Choose one that goes a little above the knee.

The most important rule: ALWAYS try it on in front of a full-length mirror. Don’t just try one on, explore all your options, even better – bring someone you trust with you, for extra fun and advise.

Fabric matters: why not chose wool coat?

Many materials are used in creating plus size winter coats and all of them play a fundamental role in the final look. Depending on your budget, style and lifestyle, you can choose material that suits you best. Whether it’s a puffer, a trench coat, or a plus size wool coat, it should offer flexibility and allow you to move around comfortably while still keeping you warm.

Look for unique combination of fashionable touches and practical features. Hoods huge pockets, zippers and waterproof materials are lifesavers during the winter.

Finally, don‘t forget the lining. Ensure the lining is of good quality, to save yourself time and money on replacing the lining in the future. Many cheaper coats can look great inside and out when you buy them, but lose their shape and show tears in the lining before the season is over.

Other questions to answer when looking for the plus size winter jackets

The few more aspects to consider are the length, style and finding the right size.

Unless you want to look taller, in which case you should only consider the coats right above the knee, you have many lengths to choose from. Hip or mid-thigh length coats will allow freedom of movement, and be comfortable if you’re driving. On the other end of the spectrum, ankle or shin length coats will fit well if you are looking for something classier. Consider your lifestyle and existing wardrobe to find the one which will fit best.

Once you found the one, it’s critical to pick the right size. Because we tend to add additional layers in the cold weather, it’s not surprising that most brands design coats to allow extra space for those sweaters that will keep you warm. Therefore you are likely to get all you need with your usual size. However, depending on your own preferences, you might want to consider a coat that’s a size larger than you would normally buy.

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