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Best Clothes to Try while working out

With the main focus on physical fitness this year, I wanted to make sure to set myself up for success. After investing some time researching, I found out how vital the correct workout attire really is. In the past, I had not given much thought on different types of clothes for working out; I think I just threw on whatever was available and then always wondered why I felt my workouts were sub-par. The thought of the best workout shorts or what kind of shoes I should be wearing for my workout journey never crossed my thoughts. 

Best Clothes to Try While Working out

After much review, the primary component that should be present in workout apparel is moisture-wicking technology. This revolutionary technology built into the fabric allows the sweat that is built up to be pulled from the skin through the clothing to the outside. Once on the outside of the garment, it can evaporate quicker. The follow up to the benefit of rapid evaporation is odor control. With the process of pushing through the sweat through the clothing, it is imperative to have an element of odor control to continue the workout without pungent smells. 

Some additional aspects of the best type of workout clothes include style type, length of the clothing, other beneficial technologies, types of footwear, and the company that you are purchasing these items from. 

  1. Style type- A personal preference for me when it comes to workout gear is the shorts and shirt style. I never want to sacrifice style for comfort and visa versa. With so many options available at one’s fingertips, it takes a little bit of effort to find the clothing that works for you. For the shorts, the waistband should have some elasticity and pull as my water weight tends to fluctuate. When moving for an intense workout, it is also essential that the waist allows for flexible movement. The t-shirt type that I enjoy the most is one that is usually neutral in color, breathable, and does not have to constrict of fabric types or tight along the bottom limiting movement.  
  2. The length of the clothing – When it comes to the best workout shorts, I look for the range to be around seven to nine inches in length. This tends to allow the most flexibility and hassle-free movement. The shorts usually come right above the knee, which provides clearance for everything from running to squat cleans. It is from my experience that anything longer than that length, say something that goes over the knee can limit and potentially threaten performance. The t-shirt length that I look for the most is one that is a little baggy with not being overly large to allow for overall mobility. The sleeves should be over the bicep, and if you lift your arms in the air, you do not show off your belly button.
  3. Beneficial Tech- with more and more innovative technology being introduced into workout clothes, it can definitely be worth taking some time for research before purchase. I look for some elements in both shorts and shirts: performance-enhancing fabric, four-way stretch function, moisture-wicking, and anti-microbial capabilities. The new tasks of work out attire is fascinating, and I love researching new developments to help or promote performance. Anti-microbial functions block or eliminate harmful bacteria or viruses that may get attached to clothing during use or from sitting overtime without being washed immediately after. This attribute is vital, especially as we progress, knowing the real damage that harmful bacteria or viruses can genuinely have on an individual. 
  4. Types of Footwear- The right shoe makes a difference. If your workout journey for the day involves running, you do not want to wear footwear designed for lifting or strength training. It can change the entire dynamic, and one would not realize this unless you have been in a said predicament. Running has become so popular that you can get fitted for footwear that is specifically made, taking into consideration one’s height, weight, arch, walking/running style. The technology exists that is so detailed it can enhance your level of the workout and promote performance.  
  5. The company – There are many options to choose from when it comes to workout attire. Although I consider many things, one topic typically not touched on is the company you are purchasing from. Make sure to back a company that you can get behind. It is good to research the companies core values, how the clothing is produced, where the clothing is made, and if they back their product in some way. 

We are so fortunate to have such an abundance of options and availability when it comes to workout clothes. It is up to you to take into consideration the elements that make up the perfect attire to achieve your fitness goals. Spend some time looking at the factors that make up your ideal cocktail of the best workout gear options; you will not be disappointed.  

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