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Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Kids

All year, children eagerly wait for Christmas. This is the one time they know for sure that they will get gifts. But what happens when you forget to buy a gift for your child and now it is too late to get anything? Don’t worry, as there are still some last-minute options you can consider! Do not settle on gifting them cash yet, as here is a list of all the last-minute Christmas gifts you can get for your child:

Arts & Crafts Kit

If your child is fond of drawing on the walls, it is best to get them an arts and crafts kit. A complete kit with all the cool stationery items and drawing pages can be the perfect gift for your child. These kits often come with several colored pencils, watercolors, and crayons. Your child will be absolutely elated to get their hands on one of these. These kits are not very hard to find and are available in almost all departmental stores and toy shops. You can easily save your child the heartbreak of not getting a gift by presenting them with an arts and crafts kit.

Balance Bike

Every child must have a balance bike as it is an important part of their childhood and contributes significantly to their development. To get your hands on these balance bikes, you don’t need to make advance orders or rummage through shops. You can easily order a 14-inch balance bike online, and the smile on your kid’s face will surely be worth it!


Playdough is another easily available gift that can keep your hyperactive child busy for hours. It is widely available across all stores and comes with different tools for your child to put their creativity to the test and create interesting shapes and figures. Playdough is also an educational toy that improves your child’s fine motor skills, giving them an enhanced cognition. If you didn’t get a chance to get a gift for your child, a playdough set could be the perfect alternate.

Doctor Set

Many children in their early years want to be a doctor. They are fascinated by the profession and all the tools that a doctor uses, such as a stethoscope. A doctor set can make their dreams come true. A doctor set includes several things such as checking tools, play medicines, syringes, and whatnot. If you want to motivate your child, then this set can be a great toy.

You and your child can both enjoy the set and play together to give each other the much-needed quality time.

Toy Truck

Strangely enough, most children are fascinated with trucks. Children are very observant and see several different trucks around them. Getting your child a toy truck can be a great idea as there are all different kinds of trucks available across stores. You won’t have to look hard to get your hands on one and make your child happy.

Building Blocks

Finally, building blocks can be considered an educational toy as they can be very beneficial in your child’s development. These blocks are a great toy for your child to kill some time and improve their fine motor skills together. These building blocks are very common, and you can find them easily. Just make sure they are big enough and not a choking hazard!

If you still don’t have a toy for your child’s Christmas gift, the list mentioned above contains items that make for ideal last   minute presents!

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