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The COVID 19 deadly virus has left us with no choice than to wear face masks in public to minimize the spread of the virus. The shortage of surgical masks prompted people to improvise by making cloth face masks. Even though they are not a substitute for social distancing and handwashing, they effectively reduce the spread of covid 19.  There are many types of facemasks out there, and choosing the right one can be a hard nut to crack. So, here are things to consider when buying a face mask.

Choose a tightly woven fabric.

The goal of wearing a face mask is to prevent the saliva particles from escaping from the mouth to the next person and vice versa. So the fabric mask should be able to prevent that in the best way possible. A tightly and densely woven fabric mask offers the best way to reduce the spread of covid 19 because it has the tiniest holes. When purchasing a fabric mask, look for a tightly woven one like high thread count sheets or canvas.

Look for multiple layered-mask

The more layered your mask is, the more it effectively minimizes the spread of covid 19. Although it may be harder to breathe, it increases the filtration of virus particles. A mask that has two layers or three layers will offer you a balance of breathability and filtration. That’s why surgical masks are made of three layers. Many companies out there manufacture excellent masks that you can find online and at shopping stalls.

Knit materials do not make the best face masks.

Knit materials stretch, making the holes more prominent, which will not effectively shield you from the spread of covid 19. Stretching of the mask with knit material can always happen when it is too tight over protruding areas such as the nose and mouth and through tugging and pulling. Although it is more breathable, it is not the best at the filtration of small particles.

Avoid bandanas as face masks.

Bandanas are not a good option when it comes to reducing the spread of covid 19. The material is loosely woven, and this would easily allow virus particles to pass through. According to a study conducted between bandanas, furnace filters, and pillowcases as face masks, bandanas performed the worst, indicating that it is not the right choice of face mask. Even though it is better than wearing nothing, ensure you keep your distance as much as possible and avoid the material if you can.

The mask should fit tightly to your face.

There is no point in wearing a loose-fitting mask. The mask should fit your face to avoid any spaces that could expose you to the virus particles. It must cover your mouth and nose without leaving any gaps. That’s the number one rule of wearing face masks, even the surgical ones.

Wearing a one-layered mask is better than not wearing.

Many people are unable to wear masks because it makes it hard to breathe. It brings discomfort, especially when you are not used to it. If you have a problem with a three-layered mask, buy a two-layered one. If it’s problematic, buy a single-layered one. These offer different degrees of protection but wearing one is better than not wearing one.

The Bottom Line

Buy a mask from a trusted store. That is the only way to be assured of quality masks.

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