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Why a Breitling superocean is ideal for you

Within the luxury watches market, the house of Breitling has a privileged place. This niche is almost exclusive to it, that of precision watches, particularly and faithfully to the heritage of the founder Leon Breitling, the chronographs.

Léon Breitling was a skilled watchmaker who made intelligent watches and measuring tools in St. Imier. In a short time, the innovative features he developed for his pocket watches earned Léon’s company a formidable reputation.

Léon Breitling focused on chronographs, which were increasingly in demand at the time for industrial, military, and scientific applications and sports organizations. In 1889, Breitling was allowed a patent for an improved model, which distinguished itself from its competitors by its elegant design, uncomplicated manufacturing process, and straightforward maintenance. This earned him great prestige and countless awards, making inroads in various fields such as medicine and the nascent automotive industry.

This tradition was continued by his son Gaston. The latter, after several innovations, in 1920, finally showed the company name on the dial of his watches, however, when he died unexpectedly seven years later. When his son Willy was old enough, he took the reins of the business, making outstanding contributions like the first wrist chronograph in the world with two pushers, among many other innovations instrumental in the world of aeronautics. Hence the aesthetic similarity of his watches with the indicators can be seen on the control panel of an airplane.

During the 1950s, it was an exceptional SuperOcean. Willy Breitling was resolved to make a sprinkle. On his 25th commemoration as the top of the privately-run company. He did this with this diving watch, highlighting a water-safe instance of up to 20 bar (up to 200 meters). Building on the momentum of the SuperOcean, Breitling launched the robust and straightforward TransOcean in 1958. The popularity of this shockproof, anti-magnetic, “super-sealed” automatic clock was driven by the brand’s reputation for aviation precision. The Superocean was distinguished by its exceptional performance, quality, and 100% Breitling style.

In 1979 the brand changed hands, but the legacy continued. Years later, there would be another shift but always along the lines that distinguish the brand.

In recent years, within the Superocean, you can see subjects of a few lucky wrists, often with a spectacular Breitling Superocean rubber strap, beats a movement that offers a power reserve around 38 hours called Caliber 17. All are COSC certified and use a luminescent coating on digits, indexes, and hands, ensuring excellent readability in any situation. Breitling’s review of its history continues with the relaunch of its 1957 SuperOcean Heritage Collection, now supported by its own “Surf Squad” of water ambassadors.

Along with a new “Capsule” collection (designed for watches produced for a limited time only), Breitling announced a limited edition series of 250 rainbow watches. Super-LumiNova coated hands and numbers in graduated shades of yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, red, and orange. There is a selection of colorful Nato straps woven with reclaimed “Econyl” threads to brighten up the package. So now it’s even easier to find a Breitling superocean rubber strap that fits what you’re looking for.

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