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Zipper Pulls – They Break More Often Than You Think

The parts of zippers which break the most often are none other than the zipper pulls. Pulls are just what the name suggests. Zipper pulls are made up of a metal or fabric loop attached through the zipper slider’s hole in garment to leverage the pull together with a small or large button that is customizable to suit a particular need.

When there is a zipper in a garment, a zipper pull is a simple yet very handy feature. Meanwhile, the button that acts as the pull can also be customized in any way you want based on your specific needs.

Do you want to use the zipper pulls as a memento or do you plan to use them as a name tag?  No matter what specific functions or purposes you expect from them, a zipper pull could be personalized just like how and what you want to.

Zipper pulls right now are not just meant to help unzip even the tiniest items much easier and more hassle-free since there are more and more businesses that are already using them for promotional purposes.

The only sad thing here is that the most important part of zippers are also the one that has the biggest tendency to break most often.

You probably consider zipper pulls as trivial and small parts of your outfit. However, in spite of their tiny size, the zipper pulls already earned a significant place in the fashion industry as functional pieces and accessories at the same time.

Zipper pulls can effortlessly change the overall appearance of any outfit. They can transform and level up even the plainest of clothes into eye-catching statement pieces since zipper pulls can add more aesthetic values to the outfit to make them stand out and pop.

However, the best thing about these tiny accessories that could add a unique touch to any outfit. For example, a zipper pull could make your somewhat dull and plain looking body con dress can look even sexier, especially if the zipper is added at the front or on the side. Doing so gives you a discreetly flirty dress that no longer shows any of the plain body con dress that it used to be.

Zipper pulls can even add a sportier feel on hoods or sports jackets. You can also add a zipper pull to a crop top with a front zipper to make look more chic than before.

For children, a zipper pull can also come in handy for easily identifying their clothes that usually tend to get misplaced or lost. Zipper pulls of different colors could also add a sense of warmth and playfulness and fun features such as dog bones, flowers, and love hearts could make them more appealing to kids.

For men, a good round zipper pull also adds a sportier casual feel to a jacket or hoodie. It can go a very long way when it comes to complementing some other accessories like watches or neck pieces. The use of manly features on a zipper pull such as the tie can make an outfit feel even more masculine.

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