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Best Kinds Of Necklaces You Should Buy This Summer

Summer may be coming to a close, but all the best accessory trends are still heating up. Now is the time to get in on the most dazzling jewelry looks the summer season has to offer – there is still plenty of fun in the sun to be had, and you can still find new ways to sparkle and jazz up your style!

There are lots of great jewelry fashion choices to be found that can compliment any look: easy, breezy summer dresses; casual shorts and t-shirts; nighttime club wear; and so much more. 

Here are necklace styles you may have noticed being on trend this year:

Heart Necklaces

From the smallest child to fully grown adults, everyone loves the sweet, simple look of a heart necklace. These timeless classics are perfect symbols of unity, love, and devotion. Heart necklaces make a great gift for anyone you care about, be it a child, a friend, a significant other, or a family member. You can also show yourself some love by picking up a heart necklace of your own!

Chain Necklaces

Clean and elegant, a chain necklace never goes out of style. With the wide variety of chains that are available in all widths, colors, lengths, and links, there is a chain necklace out there for any him or her. Wear a solo chain and keep it simple, or experiment with multiple chains of varying appearances to spice things up and make a statement.

Name Bar Necklaces

One of the most appealing summer jewelry trends this year is the name bar necklace. These highly customizable pendants and tags are the perfect way to create a look that is uniquely you.

Almost anything can be engraved on a name bar pendant: names, numbers, initials, special words and phrases – if you can think of it, you can put it on a bar pendant. These handy accessory items may be worn on a chain as a single unit or as a collection of multiple bar tags to achieve the style and message you desire.

Letter charm necklaces

Designing a custom letter charm necklace is as easy as A, B, C! Created as a simple option for personalized jewelry, the letter charm necklace is the perfect way to make a unique necklace that is sleek and understated. Ideal for special occasion gifts, these trinkets are universally adored by people of all ages.

Floral design necklaces

Nothing says elegance like an intricate and feminine floral design necklace. This is one piece of jewelry that will stand out without overpowering your look. Classic lines mixed with subtly elaborate design create a look that conveys a sense of modern style that never ages.

Friendship Necklaces

The summer is all about making memories with your best friends, and what better way to commemorate the months of fun in the sunshine than with a set of friendship necklaces? Snag a set of two for you and your ride or die. Got a big group of besties? Now there are friendship necklace options available to accommodate as many of your buddies as you would like.

Zodiac sign necklaces

Proudly display your sun sign while the sun shines! Zodiac sign necklaces are a fun, hip accessory that also serve as a fantastic conversation starter. There is a necklace for every sign under the sky, so pick one up and let the stars be your guide to fashion.

Necklaces for him

Let us not forget the fellows out there! Many necklaces are specifically catered to the men in your life who want to add a bit of masculine shine to their look. Chain necklaces of various lengths, colors, and widths make finding a piece of jewelry that will please your husband, boyfriend, father, or son a breeze.

Pet charm design necklaces

Calling all pet fanatics – now you can wear Rover or Miss Kitty around your neck! No matter what kind of pet you have, be it dog, cat, bird, lizard, or something on the more exotic side, you can find the purr-fect pet charm design necklace that will get your tail wagging with joy. If you have multiple pets, get a charm for each of your furry friends and display the whole zoo at once!

Beaded necklaces

No more just the stuff of summer camp craft classes – beaded necklaces are a huge summer fashion trend for adults and kids alike. There are limitless colors, sizes, and shapes of beads to be found, and when you take into consideration all the ways you can combine them, the possibilities are infinite. You can a designer beaded necklace premade at your favorite boutique, or unleash your artsy side and hit the crafts aisle to make your own unique treasure.

With so many great summer necklace options out there, you’ll have more than one reason to wish the season wasn’t drawing to a close. But don’t worry – these pieces of jewelry are sure to stun and shine all year round.

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