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Most Popular Types of Men’s Watches

Watches are a classic symbol of class and style. While some of their functions may be largely replaced by smartphones for many people, they still have tremendous functional and stylish value. 

Men’s watches are extremely popular, and they may set you aside as someone who values traditional style over the constant instinct to look at your phone. Here are the most popular types of men’s watches and why you should consider wearing one. 

Dress Watch

The dress watch is one of the few sort of jewelry that practically all men are comfortable wearing. The face is generally slim and small, with a thin band of leather, silver, gold, or another metal. The watch should be able to slip easily in and out of the cuff of your dress shirt. 

A dress watch is a great way to dress up a more casual outfit. However, a dress watch’s most natural place is with a suit. They are the perfect accessory for a date or important business meeting. As an added benefit, these are the occasions where you should definitely not be looking at your smartphone, so if you want to know the time at nice events, a dress watch is the way to go. 

Aviation Watch

These watches are practical as well as stylish. A large face with dials that are easy to read means you won’t have to hold the watch up to your face to tell the time. The dials are often larger as well and easier to turn. 

The defining feature of aviation watches are a face that is easy to read no matter the lighting. They should also be able to survive difficult environments. These watches often combine chronograph features, since pilots often wanted to precisely measure time and distance. The aviation watch is a classic choice for men who want to look great but also display an adventurous side. 

Field Watch

These watches are inspired by the trench watches that soldiers wore in the first World War. They were made to be durable and tough above all else, able to stand up to wet, hot, and cold conditions and stand up to hits from dirt, rock, and the occasional shrapnel without ceasing to function. 

They are made of sturdy materials like stainless steel and a synthetic sapphire face that will stand up to any amount of scratches. The standard strap is leather, the more worn and soft the better, but stainless steel and rugged fabric straps are also good options. 

Diving Watch

Do you want to descend to great depths with your watch? A diving watch can handle as deep of water as you’re likely to dive to, but they also show brilliantly in low light conditions, which can make them an excellent choice for lots of men. 

They won’t ruin your night vision in low or zero light conditions, but they will let you tell the time effortlessly at a glance. Stainless steel is a frequent choice in the construction of these watches, with rubber, cloth, or stainless steel bands being ideal. 

Racing Watch

These watches are always chronograph watches. They were invented in the 1800s, originally to track horse races, and they are still excellent for that function today. Racing watches are equipped with the ability to act as stopwatches as well as tell the time. 

Some of them also can measure distance, which makes them great for runners and other athletes who need to measure short time periods on the go. They usually have rubber or silicone straps that enable them to hold up to harsh conditions, since these watches are usually not the choice for formal or fancy occasions. However, if you’d like your racing watch to also be a great watch for everyday wear, leather or cloth are excellent choices. 

What to Know About Movements

The best mens watch offers excellent movement, solid construction, and great looks. Here’s what you need to know about a watch’s movements and how it affects your watch’s performance. 

A watch’s movements determine how it works and what it depends on to run. There are three movement types: quartz, manual, and automatic. Quartz are the most common type of movements. 

These watches are run with a small piece of quartz and a watch battery. The battery will need to be replaced periodically, but these watches can sometimes run more functions and are often used in chronograph watches. 

Manual watches are wound with a small knob on the side, keeping them free from the need for outside interference to keep them working. Automatic watches are even easier to maintain than manual watches, since they use the motion of your arm swinging to power the watch and keep it moving. 

Choose a Great Men’s Watch

The best men’s watches are high-quality accessories and convenient tools. When you pick out a watch that matches your style preferences and meets your needs, you’ll never go back to checking your smartphone for the time again. 

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