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Checklist to go over with a the best SEO experts in Chicago

 Major cities across the United States have taken a hit throughout the pandemic. With larger cities undergoing shut downs many business owners were left scurrying in attempts to introduce their brands to customers on a different level. Brick and mortar businesses that relied heavily on tourist traffic and local food traffic to keep their shops open were faced with a dilemma. These businesses needed to reach out to customers on a digital level.

As business owners navigated online shopping and shipping, they realized there was an entire market of people they could reach that dwelled outside of their own respective cities. These consumers were home based and eager to shop online. Knowing there were potential customers across the United States was one thing but reaching out to them was an entirely different scenario.

Many businesses rely heavily on SEO (search engine optimization) to reach customers. When individuals are looking for a certain product, they typically turn to their favorite web browser and search in the search bar for the item they are looking for. Typically pages of results will appear but most people will only click on the first few links on the first page. It is rare to skim all the way to the second page for a product result. Business owners are left wondering how these brands are able to be at the top of the SEO results.

There are many key factors that these businesses are utilizing to reach the top of the search results.

     Blog posts with SEO purposes

     Cross posting information on multiple platforms


     Utilizing experienced SEO content writers to incorporate specific key words

     PPC – Pay Per Click advertising

     Strong social media presence

Blog Posts With SEO Purposes

Businesses often establish blog posts on their websites. These posts will be brand and business specific. The posts are utilized to inform consumers and customers but they also typically incorporate key words. Blogs that are continually updated will more frequently show up in online searches. SEO experts in Chicago will hire content writers to provide them with short blogs to continually add to forums.

Cross Posting Information On Multiple Platforms

Businesses that are trying to get their name out and towards the top of the SEO searches will want to stay active online. There are forums and groups for literally everything. It is important to find these forums, sites and groups and become an active participant. Businesses should keep a folder of short 500 word blogs that they can easily post to any forum to bring brand awareness. Additionally, all of these posts should have hyperlinked text that will redirect readers to their business site.


Involving the crowd will help bring more customers and optimize search results. Crowd sourcing is done through a strong social media presence. Often social media pages will engage their followers to like, comment and share to their own pages. Typically something is offered or a coupon code is featured for those who help promote. The more people that online posts reach, the more visits to a web page the business will receive. This will help move the business to the top of search results. Sometimes businesses will ask their customers to leave reviews on sites such as Yelp to help bring brand awareness. SEO experts in Chicago know the importance of utilizing local crowdsourcing.

Utilizing Experienced Content Writers

Experienced content writers know how to utilize specific keywords to create blogs for businesses. Many companies will hire content writers to establish content that will produce high quality search result hits.


Pay per click is a common tool for advertising. Companies will hire marketing companies to create online advertisements that will show up in newsfeeds. As users click on these links they are redirected to the business site. The PPC marketing company receives money for each click.

Strong Social Media Presence

A strong and active social media presence will help influence search results. The more active a business is, the more likely they are to appear at the top of a search result.

The best SEO experts in Chicago will ensure that businesses all have strong social media presence, PPC, experienced content writers, cross posting and crowd sourcing capabilities and blog posts with SEO purposes to help bring brand awareness.

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