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Five Essentials For Travelling

Whether you are planning a domestic trip right now or an international trip for later on, you need to be prepared with the essentials!

When you go on a trip, it is always nice to have pieces of home with you and also some super cute travel swag to get you hyped for your trip! Because that is half the fun of travelling—getting your essential travel items in order and having a great excuse to splurge on travel things.

While every person and trip is different, there are always some essentials that every single person should consider having with them. They will allow you to enjoy your trip, have items you might not be able to get where you’re going and of course, be able to take the perfect travel Instagram pic!

Here are the five essentials that you need for travelling.

1. Passport Holders

Seriously, nothing screams a trip more than super cute passport holders. But in addition to how stylish they are and being the perfect prop for your pre-flight travel pic, they have a very useful application as well. When you go on an international trip, your passport is your ticket in. You still need a physical passport that has to be in good condition to be cleared by immigration in any country. A passport holder provides your passport an extra layer of protection from wear and tear, in addition to doubling as a really handy wallet to provide any foreign cash or other IDs you want to keep near to you during your trip.

2. Ziplog Bags

This one might sound silly, but you will thank us later! Ziploc are the perfect bag to put all your amenities in like toothpaste and shampoo and put it in your carry one bag. That way when you go through security at the airport, you can easily pull this bag out and it can be cleared easily. Plus, it doubles as a great way to protect the rest of your items in your bag, as these sots of amenities tend to leak when at high altitude on the plane. So ziplog bags ensure you don’t get any toothpaste on your purse!

3. First Aid Kit

When you travel, you are going on an adventure and many times it is into the unknown. You never know what can happen and it is great to always be prepared for the worst. That is why a first aid kit is so handy. From having band aids to cover up the blisters you will get from all the walking and exploring you will do to your feet. And then it is always hand to have some Ibuprofen handy if you begin  to feel under the weather so that you can still enjoy your trip, wherever you may be!

4. A travel journal

When you travel, you are bound to make amazing memories! Make sure to have a travel journal to log all your adventures  in. Not only will it provide you with a great memory book of your trip, but it also stores moments that your memory might forget after time. It is also a good way to kill time if you are taking lots of flights, ferries or trains! Just remember to bring a few pens with you too.

5. Your favorite outfit

Seriously, bring your favorite outfit. It will provide you with a piece of home that makes you feel like yourself and makes you feel confident. Wear it out to dinner, wear it to a museum, wear it out for your morning coffee at a cute local café. But do yourself a favor and pack your favorite clothes. You will thank us later!

These five essential items will ensure that you have the best travel experience ever!


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